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The worst part of this whole episode was at the end when Heidi says "I'm back" to Trump.  She has been the golden child since Day 1, and I hate to see her win.

Tim did need to go, the showmance thing was a distraction and he did have split loyalty.

I actually liked the losing brochure better.  I would have tossed the winning one in the trash if it came with my paper.

Ivanka continues to impress...

Yes, Heidi has positioned herself nicely to make the finals!!! I am surprised that Nicole didn't step up to be PM, since she only has a loss to show for her one time as PM!!!

Finally we will get to see either Frank or Stefani (maybe both) be PM in the next episode. If I were Trump, I would not hire someone who was afraid to step up and take a chance!!!

i wish he would have fired BOTH frank and tim..frank has bothered me from day one

heidi as smug as she is ...i think is a great worker..u got to see a softer side of her this week too with her mom!! farm girl...she worked her way up!

Even though I loved watching the showmance, I'm glad it was Tim who was fired over Frank and James.  It was Tim's time to go.  The showmance he was trying to rebuild was getting into the creepy-needy part.  Tim just needed to focus on the task and forget all about Nicole.

Don't they know the show's tagline: "It's nothing personal.  It's just business."  For one thing, Nicole shouldn't have jumped on Tim for not sticking up for her to go to Kinetic.  That's how the problem escalated.  It was a business desicion, and it wasn't his choice to send Nicole to the other team.  Tim was just a pawn in this game for the others to get farther.  Shame to see him go out the way he did.


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