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EP9: - "The Way You Look, Yeah." (Thanks for the spoilers Izad)

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( 12/9-12/10 ?)

 izad writes @ sucks: (on 12/4)
*Have they actually started racing? I know someone who supposedly was contacted to 'help with the production team', that they will be in Malaysia this weekend. Should I start camping out at the airport?
*I'm still a little iffy about this info though.. Does anyone know when/if the race has actually started? it wouldn't make sense for them to start flying into Malaysia if it's still early in the show, would it? 
*More info from my intel.. they will be in Malaysia from the 9th to 12th December . I'm trying to find out where exactly the roadblocks/detours will be so I can have more than one chance of getting their pictures.

Izad posts (on 12/10)

* 5 teams passed through Malaysia..... 4 were seen and documented 
izad adds:
*Those are the orders that they came in. Charla and Mirna got a huge lead. :) The other three teams came in close within each other.
*There five teams in this leg because I'm a good listener.
 *again, since I did not personally see the fifth team, I'm going to take it with a grain of salt..
*from what I 'heard' - an African American couple who got delayed on their flight. with the fifth team, it's not an eye-witness account like the other four, so I can't confirm if what I heard was true.. so y'all can still speculate.

( Hindu temple at Batu Caves , North of Kuala Lumpur )

Charla/Mirna                    Danny/Oswald                        Dustin/Kandice                            Eric/Danielle

**The Chas arrived at exactly 10:00am which means they were pretty close with the BQs.
Though Charla/Mirna has a huge 2 hour lead, don't go nuts yet and discount the possibility of them having an equalizer after this route marke **In order of arrival at the route marker:

(2 hour gap)
The Chas
(10 minutes gap)
The BQs
(30 minutes gap)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
18. Neobie: Kuala Lumpur Skyline
25. Boingo and Neobie: Putrajaya Mosque, just outside of Kuala Lumpur. I have no idea what they could do in Putrajaya though (it's an artificial capital city). The main mosque at the heart of the Malaysian capital of Putrajaya.
31. Neobie: Petronas Towers, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

27. Batu Caves
21. Slowhatch & Neobie: Muragan statue, Batu Caves, Malaysia. The gold guy is Muragan from Batu
30. Batu Caves

Well, I guess they arrive in Malaysia and must immediately go to the caves, which is a route marker, and then *Izad THINKS* there is HOH that cause C/M to lose their two hour lead!

I've been looking forward to this episode since December, ever since I saw D/K still in the race...haha, at that time I was devastated that Rob and Amber weren't there!


Since we started a thread for this episode I will post my airline spec for C/M flying into KL, that is if they are leaving from Warsaw.

LOT Polish Airlines Flt 223
Warsaw to Vienna 7:40am - 9:05am

Austrian Airlines Flt 1
Vienna to Kuala Lumpur  10:50am - 4:45am

Add in time to de-board the airplane, make their way through the airport and possibly take  public transport or drive to the Batu Caves, that puts them at the Batu Caves  by roughly 8:00 am when Izad snapped his pictures of C/M and cheered them on......"Hey Charla and Mirna. Good luck guys, you're doing great. I"m your biggest fan!"   :lol3:  (I'm only guessing he said that)

Also Izad, posted a "random pic" of a nail in a tire over at Sucks.  Perhaps it is a clue to more info that he might have on this leg.


--- Quote ---I've been looking forward to this episode since December,
--- End quote ---

same here Michael.  I've been looking forward to this  episode ever since I heard Izad might see the racers in Malaysia.  I can't wait! :jumpy:

3 more! thanks Izad  :hearts:



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