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Out of ALL the teams from this season, who was your favortie?

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Dustin & Kandice were one of my fav's last season but this season I don't. For me their additude has changed for the worst.

I never liked Danny & Oswald in their season.  To tell the truth, I wasn't happy seeing them on the All-Star list.  Now, I love watching them.  They're making the show interesting, along with Charla & Mirna, and Dustin & Kandice.

I'm so far the lone Charla/Mirna vote. They're really very entertaining, able racers, and that's why I like them.

I would've voted for David/Mary, but then I'm already thinking they wouldn't have the chance of winning, so I just voted for a team who I think would at least have some chance of winning. ;D

Charla n mirna!!!!!!!
I also really like John Vito & Jill and David & Mary


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