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Did anyone watch last night??? SO SO SO FUNNY!! I LOVE THAT SHOW!!

Quotes and summary from last night....posted on

So the episode begins with Ted and Robin moving Ted's stuff in boxes.. into the moving van! Barney desperately tries to convince them no to do it.. while Marshall and Lill\y proudly proclaim how far Ted has come to this point in his life... So since no one will listen to him (Robin and Ted) then Barney "helps" but instead of coming back up for another box.. the last box in fact... he drives off with the van to use it as a hostage to blackmail ted.

Lily and Marshall end up being helpless without Ted no towels, no groceries, no microwave.. etc. So Ted and Robin end up deciding that it'd be better if eh didnt move in since both of them like their realtionship the way it was. So Ted moves back... to Lily and Marshall's happiness.

(Ted's phone rings)
Ted: Hello.
Barney: (in deep voice) Put on the suit, Mr. Mosby.
Ted: Barney, I know it's you. Where's my stuff?
Barney: It's not me. If you want to see your precious possessions again, put on the suit.
Ted: What suit?
Barney: Ding-dong. Oh, what's that? The doorbell. That's the suit I'm talking about.
Ted: I haven't gotten to the door yet.
Barney: Oh, okay, let me know when you get there.
Ted: Okay, I opened it. And there's a suit there.
Barney: That's the suit I'm talking about.
Ted: Barney...
Barney: This isn't Barney. But I hear that guy's awesome. All right. Listen very carefully. You will get your stuff back if you are able to complete a series of challenges. Number one, put on the suit. Number two, meet me at McClaren's in an hour.
Ted: How will I know who to look for since we've never met?
Barney: I look like Barney.

(Lily and Marshall are lying on the couch making out)
Marshall: Should we, um, move this to the bedroom?
Lily: Why? Ted doesn't live here anymore. We can do it wherever we want.
Marshall: You know what else?
Lily: Hmm?
Marshall: We don't have to be quiet anymore. We can be as loud as we want.
(a few minutes later they're sitting at opposite ends of the couch)
Lily: Okay, I think we need to lay down some ground rules. Just because we can be loud doesn't mean we have to be loud. And although it might turn you on, you screaming, "I'm the best," doesn't do much for me.
Marshall: Well, it's a lot better than yelling, "Ted's not here," over and over again.
Lily: Well, at least what I said is true.
Marshall: Well, that was unnecessary

I loved the "This isn't Barney, but I hear he's pretty awesome" part.  When I saw that in the previews, I just knew this would have been an exceptional episode. 

Does anyone own the DVD of Season 1?  I bought it the day it came out, and I've seen just about every episode on it at least three times.    And I have episodes 1-14 of Season 2 on DVD (made them myself).  What can I say, I am completely obsessed with this show.

This is the funniest show on TV.  No arguement there.

I want to get the series so badly...its so funny!!!!

I forget what the quote is but something I didn't post ... .I laughed so was just before a commercial break.

man...I wish I remembered....

How funny was Barney talking about the cab rides to his place and what goes wrong in the 23minutes before he arrives...

And the girl Rachelle Lefevre who played the girl in the moving van (Also Heather/Summer from What About Brian) when Barney tried to mac her in Ted's Bed room....

Barney is awesome Neil Patrick Harris is gay in reallife but plays a fantastic womanizer!!

I don't know which quote you're talking about.  I want to re-watch it tonight. 

The main reason I watch it is because of Barney.  Harris' character is great, and he has so many catchy sayings.  Although, I originally watched the Pilot episode because American Pie's Allyssa Hannigan was in it, but now I love every character the same.

Overall, whats your favorite episode?  For me, it's a tie between "Okay Awesome" and "The Pineapple Incident"

i haven't watched them all...but I really liked last night.

um...I am thinking the marathon episode when ted got arrested because he jumped the turnstile (and many many many other events that led to it) cause Barney's legs were not moving and he was stuck on the subway. hahaha

i also liked the episode for last year's halloween when ted goes back year after year to find that girl...

so many to pick from...this years xmas decorations one was funny I love em all!!! super bowl....empire statebuilding etcetc


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