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March 18 Episode

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The video spoiler says tonight is the Ultimate Hollywood Task.  It also mentions a Soft Scrub webisode.
Could that be this stuff?

And then the Ultimate Hollywood Reward - A Meeting with the Governator.

I must say, Arrow's webisode was much better.  Muna (Kinetic) ruined the webisode.  I couldn't understand her at all. 

CeeeJay: damn lucky because she should have wasn't Muna's fault (well she is pushy) that she has an accent and couldn't deliver the message.  It was the PM that made the decision to put her in front of the camera...and to take off with Angela to buy lipstick...She might be a butch ...but I'm sure she can pick out a colour of lipstick.  Time for bitching about other team members could have waited.

I couldn't believe with the editing equipment they had that there wasn't some way to slow Muna down to make her understood.  They clearly had the better cliffhanger, Nicole's wasn't super believable.  And how often does a guy enlist his buddy's help to clean the bathroom?  If Kinetic had done a decent job, they would have won.  Muna got way up on her high horse though, not sorry to see her gone.

don't get me wrong i'm happy as pie to see her go...but Kristine is damn lucky it turn the other way!


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