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I just found out that YouTube member JTF72 has been suspended, and had all his videos removed.. he had uploaded all of S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S10 and was uploading TARAS and S6!

Now I have no way of watching All Stars.. as im in Australia and torrents dont work on my computor.. he always had episodes uploaded the night they aired in the US.. im devastated  :'( :groan: :(

Is anyone here able to upload TARAS from now on? Or will I have to wait til the end of the year for it to be screened in Aus  :groan:
couldnt we film them then e-mail them to you?..... I would but I dont have anything to film with.

try downloading eps and whole seasons of it on BitComet

supposedly, its due to air in australia in april.


I'm from good ol' Australia and use Bittorrent to download the episodes :)

It's all up really quick as well! I'm able to download it the night after it shows and watch it the day after.


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