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Rob and Amber...the cartoon?

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--- Quote from: Rob on March 17, 2007, 02:22:06 PM ---BLAH BLAH BLAH!!! ;)

There is still plenty of people to hate on there. I know you are still mourning the loss of your precious Rob & Amber, but seems to me there are more people against them, than for them!! :D

--- End quote ---
Says you..wheres the proof? Lets see how the ratings go.
 Even if what you say is true most people will stop watching imo because they only watched to see Romber lose or because they only watched to see Romber win :neener:

Count me as one who never watched TAR before Romber graced the show with their presence on season 7. Tried to watch seasons after that, just isn't the same after watching and rooting for a team you feel you know and care about.  And Today, I swear I tried to watch...just was boring as hell, watching teams follow each other around. Heard U/J got another nonelim break...seemed all too familiar.
I still can't place what seasons  Danielle and boobman (seems weasle-like) came from or who their original partners were. Uchenna still is lacking a personality. His camera reaction shots seem forced. The Guidos don't seem as ornery as I heard they were before. Don't know the rest of the teams, don't care to.

I say ratings go down, because no matter what any Romber haters say, It was downright BORING


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