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I just knew James was dead meat!!! At least they made it appear that he was a major distraction late in the task with all of his second guessing. Bill Rancic even accused James of trying to cover his butt with the second guessing in case his team lost. Surya had ex-teammate Kristine in his corner. Even Tim had to admit that James did that.

So how could Trump fire Surya?  :umn:

And why does he let Kristine get away with basically adding nothing in the board room, but criticizes Surya and Aaron earlier for being so quiet?

I had read in an earlier spoiler that the GNC task was a major flop for BOTH teams. The soccer fans at the game were supposed to vote for their favorite presentation. But when it came time to vote, most were so uninterested that they just sat there. Did you notice how they showed the fans just sitting there bored during Arrow's presentation, but during Kinetic's they all appeared to be cheering? What do you bet that TPTB edited in the cheering from the game, and not the task!!!  :lol3:

i guess its possible...however kinetic's presentation was MUCH MUCH MUCH better...I was more interested in they added the Spanish....come on its not like survivor...they don't like the team get so decimated that there is 2 people left standing while the other team has a full house!

Tanbuns, you bring up a great point about the Spolier for the episode.  I could have sworn I saw a lady in the crowd make the goal sign with her hands, and I thought that could have been the editing just to show Kinetic's win.  Funny thing, the GNC rep didn't even mention the crowds at all.

with more time and money kinetics idea could have been pulled off to a large scale ... they were really original ... they could have even gotten lucky people from the audience involved!!

If I was one of the contestants on the show, I would have looked online and researched Half-Time shows.  At all the sports games I've attended, usually they have to do with the game itself.  For example, at a Baseball Game, have little kids race around the bases with the mascot for a T-Shirt.  Or the adults throw a ball through a hole for a good prize.

The point I'm trying to make is that both teams didn't make it simple.  Arrow's "Boxing Match on a Soccer Field" makes no sense.


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