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Some are mourning, others are CELEBRATING!!!

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Rob, I'm looking foreward to the Live Podcast tomorrow to hear you exclaim to the world that Romber is gone!  That will be a great podcast.

What goes around, comes around!!! That's what Romber gets for being so deceitful!!!  :yess:

the fact that romber is gone is not something to celebrate...come on...the whole thing is no one is up to their standards...I'd lie and deceit too if I was on amazing race...I love the fact that they play with other peoples heads.  I think Dustyn and Candice are just as dirty....its reality tv it makes is more exciting about how they are going to $crew the next team!! its funny to watch!

Hey CeeJay, I know some people are upset that Rob & Amber are gone, and I respect that. I do have just have one question, and I want you to clarify, just for my own personal reasons, and this isn't an attack on ya! How are Dustin & Candice any different in how they play than from how Rob & Amber play? I guess I would classify them both as dirty, thing is, Rob is just much too cocky.

Just wondering???


i like how d / c play cause they are like romber....they just are "cuter" and get away with more.  ithink they are a super strong team and I would love to see a girl girl team win!!! plus as u said they are not as cocky as rob so it makes u root for them more.


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