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Sunday March 4, 2007


OMG!! Did everyone watch last night??????????????????

Derrick ....WHAT AND IDIOT!!! Calls himself WHITE TRASH and gets kicked off by Trump. 
Jenn....what a moron couldn't even put on a and events...meh I could do better!! and go karts????

Both deserved to go...hopefully next week they will shuffle the teams....

I somewhat disagree with you. Trump himself sometimes says stuff more stupid than what Derrick said. (remember Rosie?) And sometimes Trump lets an apprentice get away with stuff and sometimes not. It's just according to which way the wind blows at the time, and this time it was blowing the wrong way for Derrick. Yet Angela hasn't said 10 words the whole darn show and is still here. I don't care if she was America's choice, she is nothing but dead weight!!!

And Jenn delegated tasks to the group, yet they let her down. Scrambling at the last minute, they came up with the go cart idea (Derrick's) and had no choice but to use it. Jenn was liked by most of her team, was a hard worker, stepped up to be PM, and it cost her.

I guess the lesson learned is to not step up or open your mouth, but just to meekly sit in a corner, say nothing, and do nothing!!!  (:;)


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