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Picks from across the boards EP6 * updated and complete*
« on: March 19, 2007, 06:16:46 PM »
  • survivorphoenix
    RC: Tribal Switch
    Exiled: SurvivorPhoenix says Lisi
    IC: Moto
    Boot: Anthony

    new MOTO: Earl -> Boo -> Michelle-> Cassandra -> Yau-Man -> Stacy
    new RAVU: Edgardo -> Mookie -> Alex -> James -> Dre -> Anthony

  • TDT
    Episode 6
    RC winner: No RC
    Exile: Lisi
    IC winner: Moto
    Boot: Anthony 

  • survivorfever

     Episode 6:
    IC Winners: Moto
    Exiled:  Lisi
    Booted: Anthony

    Our picks for the 3/21 Episode are:

    RC: None (Seeing some of the long-suffering Ravus get the good camp and some of the snotty Motos get the crap camp is reward enough!)
    Exile: Lisi (Not little miss popular any more, eh?)
    IC: Moto (the more things change, the more they remain the same...)
    Boot: Anthony

  • Blows polls
    Poll for Boot: Anthony

  • Sucks Polls  
    Poll for Boot: Anthony

  • Corvis/Survivor Thoughts from Iowa (mostly)
    Um, let's see....
    I pick... oh gosh, I don't know... hmmm... maybe... Anthony?

    Okay, sure. Anthony. You talked me into it.

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