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The Moles 4th vitom is...



Only 4 players left.

Who is the Mole?
Is it...

Angie Everhart

Mark Curry

Tracey Gold

Dennis Rodman

I watched this last night.  Man they were brutal with the balls weren't they!?!?!?

I think the mole is Dennis Rodman.  Keep in mind I only watched 1 show.  

since it was a super model last time, I think they would not pick one again to be the model.  But then again they might just to throw you off.

I'm thinking Dennis too.
But it could be Mark.

They really nailed Tracey last night with those dodge balls, ouch.

Only a couple more shows and we'll all know the truth.

I think it has to be D'Rod.
Although, Tracy could be.

I doubt that it's Mark
or the Supermodel


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