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Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« on: January 28, 2004, 07:23:49 PM » VoiceOver Transcript

Kathy:  They're making alliances.

Jenna:  I told you it was going to be...

Kathy:  It's the guys against the girls totally.

Shii Ann:  Heyyyy...

Richard:  Those girls are plotting, honey.  I hope you aren't plotting with them.

Colby:  No we didn't discuss anything.  Honestly.

Richard:  People are a little bit paranoid and that's a good state to have them in.

Fox News:  Richard Hatch keep your pants on.  The granddaddy of network reality TV is back with it's 8th installment.  All of its stars from past episodes are back.  Host Jeff Probst is with us this morning.  Good morning.

JP:  Good morning.

FN:  So how rough or great was it to film?  They know what to expect sort of.

JP:  It was different.

FN:  Was there any of them  you really didn't want to see again?

JP:  There was a couple when I saw them all at the first challenge. That was the first time we all saw each other.  We started the show a little bit different this time.  There was a couple of guys I looked at and I said "I cannot believe you are back this time."

FN:  Richard Hatch, does he keep his clothes on this time?

JP:  No.  I mean the first chance he gets... and he doesn't just discretely do it, he waits until the challenge is ready to start and BOOM.  And then you're left with this uncomfortable thing if you're on his tribe.  You don't want to hug him, you don't want to be next to him, you don't want to compete with him.

FN:  Since they know the keys to winning, to circumvent the game, knowing the shortcuts, what can you tell us that happens in the game to kind of beat the champs to the punch.

JP:  The biggest difference is they are friends.  This is a game designed for strangers.  16 people who don't know each other come together form a world while voting each other out.  Now you and I are buddies... our wives know each other, our kids have spent the night with each other.  Yet at a certain point in this game, outwit outplay outlast... we're going to reach a crossroads.  Do I honor our friendship or do I honor the game and stab you.  It seriously got personal.

FN: Who are some of the people coming back?  I hope Rudy is back.

JP:  Rudy is back and the first line he says to me is a Rudyism.  And when he said it I thought, ahhhh the guy is just gold.  Hatch is back, Sue Hawk is back...both Jennas are back.  The 3 guys from Africa... Ethan, Lex, Big Tom.  Big Tom... mumble... you don't know what he's saying.

FN:  According to tabloids 3 or 4 people you've dated extensively are back on the island.

JP:  Oh no that's Ethan Zohn.  Ethan doesn't want this to come out. But it's coming out.  He's looking across the playing field going, "dated her, dated her and dated the one I'm with now."

FN:  Soccer players always get the girls.  Jeff something I've noticed about you, no tan which means you shot this awhile ago.  

JP:  And no sleep.

FN: I understand that you want to play this game.  I read recently that you want to be a contestant.

JP:  I think it would be fun.  I stand out there and I say, "suck it up" meanwhile I've got Dorito breath.  And I thought, I actually would like to do it before it's over.  I don't know who it would ever work.

FN:  There are so many reality shows now.  Alot of times the show that actually starts the trend gets old and others take over its place.  But that hasn't happened with Survivor.

JP:  Survivor was number 2 last season.

FN:  What's keeping it so fresh?

JP:  Great storytelling.  We have the best people.  I know that because they are constantly being tempted by other shows.  All the networks try to get our editors, our shooters.  What Mark Burnett is doing is he's moving everybody.  He's taking a guy who started as a producer on the beach and putting him in charge of Survivor.

FN:  Today we've been talking about the political Survivor.  Guys who are running for President right now...who would never make it on the island?

JP:  Lieberman.

FN:  What about Sharpton?

JP:  Sharpton would be good.

FN:  What about Kerry?

JP:  Kerry would never get on the show.

FN:  No place to plug in that hair dryer.

JP:  He has no personality.  That's the thing.  Sharpton would be the best on the show.

FN:  Where are you going next time?

JP:  I don't know.

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Re:Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2004, 07:34:05 PM »
Well, hopefully, my tv screen will get blurry during Rich's nudie shoots. ::)
Did you miss me?

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Re:Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2004, 10:22:05 PM »
I love that show Fox and Friends!

Has anyone ever watched it. It is funny to see that group kinda poke fun at the news! Sounds like they were kinda serious on this interview however.


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Re:Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« Reply #3 on: January 28, 2004, 11:57:49 PM »
I'm not to sure that I get that show Rob??Is on sattelite only?
 lol @ Snickers..if it's the children that your worried about..I was thumbing through my TV Guide..All_ Stars isn't on untill 10pm eastern time..
Also on Thurs. night Feb. 5th from TV Guide "A Second Castaway is voted off the Islands.." so it sounds like the rumor that 2 people are voted off the first night are not true ;).

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Re:Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« Reply #4 on: January 29, 2004, 12:45:07 AM »
Yeah, I definitely do not want to see Richard Hatch nude.  I wonder which guys Jeff did not expect to see back in the game.  Jeff mentions in the interview that most of these guys are friends, etc.  Which ones are they?  Does anyone know?

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Re:Fox & Friends Interview with Jeff Probst
« Reply #5 on: January 29, 2004, 10:13:07 PM »
I know that Tina and Colby are friends..also Jeffy and Ethan are very good friends I read that they vacation together.
Does anyone  know what other players are friends??