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Fast Ntional are out, and as expected agains't the oscars the show took a serious hit in viewers.

It got 8.185 in viewers while nearly 40 million viewers turned into the  Academy Awards.

Final numbers are out and it is almost idetical to Fast Nationals with AR getting 8,170,000 viewers with a adults rating of  2.9.

from futon

THE AMAZING RACE: ALL-STARS was second in households (4.9/07), viewers (8.17m) and adults 25-54 (3.5/07). Against the Academy Awards programming on ABC, THE AMAZING RACE retained 94% of last week's premiere adults 18-49 delivery (2.9/06 from 3.1/08) and built on the adults 18-34 performance (2.1/05 from 1.9/05) by +11%

Fast Nationals are out for the third week of the amazing race. 

Viewers 10.71 million with a 3.7 18-49 demo. 

While I would like the total viewer number to be higher teh demo was a nearly 50% increase over 60 minutes and the 2cd best demo number of the night for CBS.

If this number hold sout it will be the most watched episode of the season so far.

Compared to last season its 5 episodes did worse, 8 did better.  But hopefully with reruns starting for most of the networks for a few weeks and no more specials for it to take a serious hit on, the ratings should get even better, for at least a few weeks.

I predict next weeks episode will be the highest rated ever  :angel:


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