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Who else is pissed they delayed TAR tonight?

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They didnt delay it in Canada  :yess:

I am FURIOUS about it (:;) (:;)  you CBS Jerks :groan:

Since I was recording it on the DVR, I had 1/2 hour of 60 minutes and had to schedule it to record 1/2 hour over.  I don't like that. 

I had to tape the  show last night and had that nagging, last minute thought that said "tape an extra  hour just in case".   I am so glad I listened.  Now if CBS would just listen to the AR fans .  .  .

Oh no, is that what happened? it didnt start until 8:30? What the heck is wrong with these bid networks, it if the PREMIERE and they delay it half an hour. Does anyone know what  the ratings were for last night? Because I am sure I am not the only one who missed it. How can you say something is going to be on at 8:00, and then not have it start until 8:30? And if you do that, there should at least be a ticker at the bottom of the screen telling the viewers that the show is going to start at 8:30. I didnt see it on at 8, so i just went to bed hoping it would be recorded later on that night- but it didnt! Does anyone know where I can view the full episode online? CBS doesnt have it on on demand.


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