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Who else is pissed they delayed TAR tonight?

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Who else is with me on this. Who is just pissed off they delayed it because of GOLF.  Come on CBS, open your eyes, what has better ratings??? PLEASE... Just give me a break.

Dear CBS, please move Amazing Race back to Tuesdays at 9:00pm!!

Dear Dumbasses, please move Amazing Race back to Tuesdays at 9pm

We should work for CBS Rob  :knuckles:

Dear CBS,

Move 'The Amazing Race' to Tuesday nights at 10pm in order to boost ratings and not conflict with 'American Idol' on NBC.  If you do this, your fan base will be gratefully appreciative, and we might just buy some of your 'Amazing Race' stuff online.  If you don't, then you may see the end of the best family reality show on television.  Thank you.

              All the 'Race' Fans in the world. :js:


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