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Picks from across the boards week 3
« on: February 18, 2007, 01:49:13 PM »
based on spoilers so far
RC Winner: Moto? "Slip, Slide & Score."

Exiled? Earl? Sylvia?

IC Wnner: Moto "U Pick I Chews."

Boot: Sylvia ( Survivorphoenix & the4kingdoms )

Unknown yet if Gary quits/leaves the game, this EP3 or next EP4?

  • survivorphoenix
    Boot: Sylvia
  • TDT
    Episode 3
    RC winner: Moto?
    Exile: ?
    IC winner: Moto
    Boot: Sylvia

  • survivorfever
    Episode 3:
    RC/IC Winners: Moto
    Exiled:  Earl
    Booted:  Sylvia
    RC: Moto
    Exile: Sylvia
    IC: Hello, Moto
    Boot: Sylvia

  • Blows polls

    Boot: Sylvia *yawn*

  • Sucks Polls  

    Boot: Sylvia *yawn*
  • Corvis/Survivor Thoughts from Iowa (mostly)

    The safe choice at Ravu would be Sylvia. Confessional analysis points to her. We know her tribe doesn't like her. She's most likely going home. The exciting pick would be Rita because confessional analysis likes her for a boot, too.

    Honestly, I have no real idea who it's going to be.

    I guess I'll go with Sylvia.

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