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Yup - it's jumped the shark.


I've always been a big fan of The Apprentice.  I'll continue to watch it, but this show has totally jumped the shark. 

Amongst other reasons:
- Losing George & Carolyn.
- Having the winning project manager in the boardroom.
- Absurd product placement.
- Tasks that are dictated by product placement rather than their merit.
- Camping in the backyard.
- Moving to LA.
- "Twists" (such as giving the winning team a week off.)
- Using his kids so much.

It all just come across as desperate. 

I can't say that I disagree with you Kilarney. Many of these same things are bugging me this season, especially camping in the backyard and juvenile tasks that anybody could do!!!

hey tan!!! nice heart!! lol

I agree too!! This isn't survivor its APPRENTICE!

Jeffrey Scott:
Ironically, this is my first season of the Apprentice so I have nothing to compare this season to. I still find it interesting, but if it can be improved, I'm all for it.


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