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While I'm waiting for Survivor Fiji...
« on: February 07, 2007, 07:32:47 AM »
In the meantime I'm watching the first three series for the first time -interesting stuff!

Series 1 was superb and I can see why people say it's the best although there are some things missing from it that would later become commonplace which I did miss - such as Jeff narrating the challenges (I personally find it hard to keep track of what's going on without that!), the live finale with Jeff, the Survivor Auctions, I could go on...

Great series though. Loved Sue's speech at the final tribal council. Funny how Rich and Kelly were basically judged as if they cheated because they had an alliance, whereas what they did was basically the blueprint for how every succesful player would play the game from then on.

I actually liked the slower pace of this season as compared to some of the more recent ones. There was a lot of them setting up the camp, more was made about the distance they have to go to get to tribal council (nowadays they just seem to arrive as if by magic!), and there was a lot more of people sitting around talking which gave you more of an insight into the characters.

One thing that completely sucked though - the reunion show - yes the players were good fun but who was that guy?! It's not a reunion show without Jeff... Still at least it wasn't hosted by Rosie O'Donnell (just one of the many reasons why Marquesas sucked!)

I'm watching series 2 now - just got to the merge. Good series so far but not the best, and since I know who wins it (How?! Why?!) I can't get that involved but it's still passing the time. What's with the whole thing about the tied votes though? Whoever decided that in the event of a tie it was the person who had the most votes in previous tribal councils that would go home - that rule sucks!

I'm glad they came up with the firestarting challenge - that was much better.

Series 3 will be following shortly although I can only find that in dire quality so it may be a bit of an ordeal!

Talking generally about Survivor (and Amazing Race actually) does anyone find themselves itching to rewatch the series? So far I've only watched each one once and I struggle to remember some of the people from ones I saw ages ago - I just wonder if you guys find these series stand up to repeated viewing or is all the fun gone the second time cause you know what's going to happen?

I feel like I want to watch All-Stars again now I've seen these early series, but wonder if I'll find it boring the second time...