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--- Quote from: puddin on February 04, 2007, 02:44:37 PM ---No one cares  about our game :'(

--- End quote ---
Whachoo talkin'bout puddin?  There was a long list of players last time!  Or are you J/J n around!  :rotf:

Hey, I already did Lancers game!  ha ha!  I'll probly change my answer at the last minute depending what ATB says.

Just checking in, signed up for RFF game under different name :-)~~~
Also playing in 2 private tribes, 1 semi-private tribe (Former Survivors) and 1 random game on Lance's site.

Snickers..I see you  :happy:  :kissy:

i signed up... bu tyou know i end up forgetting

I see 16 people signed up now.  Now the game will be even more fun!


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