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Fantasy Survivor Fiji...Tribe Refaforu

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Can hardly wait :jumpy: Rah Team Rah!

Hiya Gal Lil!  :yaya:   :dancer:
Good to cya!  Yeah, I'm ready for the games to begin!  :wohoo:

FS isn't ready yet.  Will keep checking and hope they get it up SOON!!  :tup:

I've been checking every few hours to see if it's been updated yet.  With three days until the premire, I hope it's up soon.

Glad to see you're hear with us, Lil!   :plane:

i'm back too!   :dancer:

Welcome baaak, cinni!  :dancer:

I just wrote a PM to one of the the FS site peeps in charge of the game, asking when the game will be up & running.  Hope I get an answer ASAP!  :nods


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