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 :yaya: Hey Tribe Refaforu! 

Only 8 days away from Survivor Fiji, can you believe that?!!  Seems like we just "left" Cook Islands.

The Survivor Fantasy Fiji game is not up yet, but wanted to go ahead and get us in the mode...uhh...mood?!  :dancer:  I'll post the questions as soon as I see them.  Well, you know the drill...for the overwhelmingly promptness of that site!  :o   :lol:  But it's a great game, so I'm game if you all are. :tup:  Looking forward to the camaraderie, AND trying like crazy to grab the #1 spot of the Overall Top 50 Tribes, and making it our own!  :hfive:   :dancer:

We can use your help again, puddin, and hope you're available to put "bugs" in our ears!   :woohoo:  puddin!!
:woohoo:  TEAM REFAFORU!   :ghug:    :cheer:   :ron:

To join the Refaforu tribe, register at
Password:  monkey 
Cheers! Ruday :)

I've been waiting so long for Fiji, it's felt like a year since Cook Islands was around (not really). 

Only 8 days until Fiji!  Holy Cow!  It's coming up fast and I hope the site is up soon, should be up this week, as a matter of fact. 

Anyways, I'll be here this season to help kick some butt.  Let's grab the #1 spot and stay there! 

Yes! Cinera (or would you rather we call you Mark?) 

**BTW Team**
 TheCinera (Mark) is my "Righthand" Man for the FS game.  He will post the questions and/or results in case I can't be here.  My daughter is doing somewhat better, but things are still up in the air with her.  Mark, thank you bunches for helping out!  Appreciate it!  :kuss:  :hugs:

Ruday :)

You can call me Mark if you want to.  I don't mind people calling me by my first name (I use it on the Home Page, so I figure, why not here?)

I will definitely post questions (and my answers) here.  Also, I'll post my answers and those who needs to make their answers before the deadline. 

Glad to here that your daughter is feeling better Ruday!  I'm always here to help.  They don't call me "The RFF Hero" for nothing. :js: ;)

 :yess:  RFF Hero!  ;)  :js:   
And yes, do the reminder thing again, Mark.  :tup:  I'm glad you came up with that last season.
Thanks!  :hugs:


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