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Lance's Survivor Fiji Out Pick'em game is back!

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Ok, I just joined, which makes three.  I don't see Texan's name on the list.  ???

Aww puddin, wish you would play!  Please? 
Are you gonna write the questions for the RFF game and be in charge of it again?  Hope so!   You had really great questions.  :tup:

Does my addition to Lance's Pick'Em (private) group make everyone 33% merrier?  :yess:   We're up to four.    


I know I'm 33% merryier!

 :waves: Hello geobar ..
I said I wasn't going to play any games but as the time is nearing I'm getting that twitchy feeling  :lol: and I'm IN!!

 :wohoo:  :happy:  geobar n' puddin joined in!! CooL!   Anyone else? 

If it turns out there will be NO Fantasy Survivor game, how's about those who played FS last season, join Lancers? Well, even if there IS a FS game, you can still join Lancers!  :jumpy:


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