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Lance's Survivor Fiji Out Pick'em game is back!

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Hey Cinera,

I'm still in all 4 of my games on Lance's site.  Dying to know how my teams all did this week....


I coud agree more, Snickers.  It's been a while since I've talked with my alliances, and I need my OutPick'Em fix because I'm too addicted to the site. 

I still in both my games.  Nearly got voted out in one of them, but I had the Hidden Immunity Idol to save me.  The other game: I have no alliance, but I have the HII pocketed. 

Anyone else?  I know there's more people playing!

not playing outpickem.. but in lance's game.  Mad I had earl as Exile and then switched.  Goode luck I hope you all survive another week.

The site is back up!!!!  For those who are in The House of Chiefs, what did you think of the twist we had this week?  I liked it, even though it helped Cinni and I's tribe win immunity.

That was a cool challenge.  Cin, that gets your tribe back to even with the other tribe  next week will be interesting.

Man now i am kicking my self more for changing Earl... I could have been sole leader with that 5 points.  :jam:


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