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Lance's Survivor Fiji Out Pick'em game is back!

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Yes, that''s right.  The game is back, I am so happy now.  Sign up if you haven't played it yet, it's extremely fun and addicting.  Anyone know what the tribe is for RFF? 

I'm not playing any games this season so one of you will have to start a tribe/league.. :dancer:
thanks in advance  :kissy:

Ok, I'll start a tribe!  By the way, I chose a new nickname this year to hide my identity: Lavani.

RealityFanForum - (Tribe #:1399, Members:1)
pass: donuts

The more the merryier!

Too bad're a great player and teammate 

THanks for starting the RFF tribe far there are 3 of us..Texan myself and you.

Had a bit of atime signing in cause I put RealityFanForum then 'donuts' as thepassword. Fgured it out though..easy enough.

At sign in they want the Tribe Number 1399 then the donuts password.

Should be fun..see you there.  :waves:

Horray!  Thanks for joining the tribe Tex and Lil!  I hope more people join from last season.

Thanks for clarifying that Lil.  And in case none of you know, it's a private tribe.  Though, that is quite obvious. :snicker:


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