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Former Survivor Castmate J.P. Calderon: I'm Gay


Former Survivor Castmate J.P. Calderon: I'm Gay   :angel:

Although his activities in and around gay people and nightlife were widely reported, former Survivor: Cook Islands castaway J.P. Calderon (seen below with openly gay castmate Brad Virata) had never come out publicly. That will apparently happen on this Wednesday's episode of The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, according to Instinct magazine, for which he does a cover shoot during the episode.

"Itís not every day somebody gets slapped in the face with a major magazine like Instinct, Janice Dickinson, her TV show. I think Iím just supposed to do this!" says Calderon. "I'm coming out and I'm living."

Of the self-described world's first supermodel, Calderon says, "We started a little bit butting heads, but I love Janice Dickinson. I want everyone to know, she is the coolest person in the world."


i know this reply comes a little late...but man not to be rude or too blunt...it was pretty obvious!!!!

but they both are hot..what do we expect!!! lol   :-[


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