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Well, last night was the premiere of celeb Mole and I thought the celebs were pretty funny! I enjoyed it, if you forget about the host! It is just like a whole new game show now without Anderson. We Miss you Anderson. And if you are reading this (which I am SURE your not!) PLEASE come back for Mole IV! Oh well. The new host, I guess we will have to get used to.

However, I thought the celebs were pretty funny last night. I have always been a fan of Kathy Griffin (sp?) so I was glad when she was not the first to go.

Anyway, I hope that you also enjoyed the Mole. Go ahead and post your thoughts on the new Mole!


Well, I re-watched the episode and I will say that it's funny.  But, I really miss Anderson as well.  Plus, it seems to me that we have a much smaller cast?  Starting out with 7 players.  Didn't last season have many more?  There's also something missing from Celebrity Mole.  For me I feel it's the fact that last season, I really wanted to get to know the players.  I totally enjoyed Al and Bribs.  Katie and Elavia.  This season, I don't really like them all enough.  They are not real people to me.  They are all celebrities.  I will continue to watch it though as it is still entertaining. ;D  My husband and I both like Kathy Griffin as well Rob.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that Anderson will come back for the next real Mole season.


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