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You know, I thought of that too. It would have been great to get some people in we thought were All Stars, because, really, who makes them all stars? WE DO!

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--- Quote from: KrisCe on February 13, 2007, 01:11:08 PM ---Does anyone else besides me wish that we could have voted in some members to this cast just like we did with Big Brother All-Stars?  Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way.

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I agree, But if they did that some of the cocky undesurving peaple (Rob & Amber) would make it throught instead of the desurving (David & Mary)

I do agree that we should have picked the All-Stars.  But, I'm quite content with who made it.  Albiet, I don't think Danny/Oswald, Romber, and JohnVito/Jill shouldn't have made it.  Meredith/Gretchen should have replaced Teri/Ian, representing the grandparent generation of the race.  I would like to see Flo/Zach representing the winners instead of Uchenna/Joyce.  And yet, where is Wally? 

Now that I think about it, maybe I'm not content with who made it to All-Stars.  We should have had a list of 20(or so) teams to vote on.

The only reason why America picked the BB contestants to go back in for All-Stars, is, well, it's a live show.  And remember America's choice. At least then we got a good America's choice, not deciding whether to give them a toaster or a microwave. 


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