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For those that don't want to peek into the spoiler thread..

And they're off! Producers chose the all-stars returning to The Amazing Race from more than 200 former contestants. Seven of the show's 10 seasons are represented. Back: Eric and Danielle, left, Oswald and Danny, Uchenna and Joyce, and Drew and Kevin. Middle: Bill and Joe, left, Teri and Ian, David and Mary, and John and Jill. Front: Dustin and Kandice, left, Charla and Mirna, and Amber and Rob.

the site is up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What??? Two teams each from seasons One, Three, Seven, and Ten!!! And could they not find somebody to represent seasons Four, Six, and Eight???  (:;)

It would be hard to drop either of the teams from Season One, because I love both of these teams!!! Bill and Joe (The Guidos) were such great villians!!! And Kevin and Drew are still one of my all time favorite teams!!!

From Season Three, I would probably keep Ian and Teri, because I enjoyed rooting AGAINST them. But I would drop John Vito and Jill. In their place, I would have added somebody from Season Three!!! Jon and Al (The Clowns) would have been great!!! Or maybe Chip & Reichen (for Cole)!!!

Season Seven's Uchenna and Joyce were such fan favorites, but have already won. And do we really have to put up with Rob and Amber AGAIN!!! Could we not have added a team from Season Six??? There were so many good teams ....... Jon and Kris (my favorites), Lena and Kristy, Adam and Rebecca, or Lori and Bolo. Thank God no Jonathan and Victoria though!!!  :lol:

With Season Ten just finishing up, I could have done without either one of these team!!! I know Season Eight was the "family edition", but we could have chosen a pair from one of the families!!! Like maybe RFF's very own Tammy Gaghan, and her husband Bill!!!

There are many, many  more teams that I would love to see again!!! Maybe they should have made this a larger group than the normal 11 teams. Maybe 20 would have been more like it!!!  :dancer:

Does anyone else besides me wish that we could have voted in some members to this cast just like we did with Big Brother All-Stars?  Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way.


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