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Not mine, but worth sharing ;D


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Not mine, but worth sharing ;D

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HAHAHAHA!  :funny:

Just saw this! Hilarious!

It's true!! In TAR 5, Mirna was like a flight pro. :O Dang, made me miss those times where flights were such a crucial part to the show! Now they just want to bunch the whole gang up...

Can't agree more! Airport dramas, flights are actually very entertaining and so much fun to watch. Remember the times when we have like 15 minutes of airport??

And Not only Mirna was, (I meant - IS, still the Queen of Airports in TAR) in terms of finding flights, she was so great on creating memorable, epic, classic airport dramas.
- "Good luck Yield Queens!" "Desmond - kick some people off!" :lol:
- sneaking out from the other teams at late night :lol:
- "It's like I'm back in junior high, having BULLIES trying to --put me down. They disGUST me."
And the Mirna vs Colin thing :lol: "B-tch, move outta the way!" Asking the airport worker in Arabic not to help them :lol:

Most entertaining duo EVER  :wohoo:


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