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Charla & Mirna = entertainment gold! unscripted reality at its best, you cannot write that stuff!

LOL, last night me and my mom were watching the episode with C/M elimination and my mom started crying ... Charla gave the best speech ever.."it's hard when there's so much pointing down at you..." even Phil cried  :'(

was that season 5?


--- Quote from: charla_n_mirna_fan on April 19, 2007, 07:32:49 PM ---was that season 5?

--- End quote ---


"Colin has a napolean complex, and his girlfriend is weak and submissive."

As hilarious and psychotic that line was, it was actually true haha. Christie sucked.

Good job girls!! If Eric & Danielle didn't win I was hoping you would  :jam: . Thanks for the entertaiment, you both Rock!!
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