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Reality Junkee:
Every year I play the Yahoo TAG.  But there can be teams, like the Fantasy Survivor.  I was wondering if anybody would want to play as part of a team.  I've already signed up to play.  Do you want to be on my team?  I can create one.  Please let me know.  :js:

I'll play!!! How do I play?

If its not too late I'll play.

Yay!  A third player!  But you must have a Yahoo Account first.  Ok...Here's what to do:

Go to, click on Sign Up, follow the instructions there, and then click on "join a private group".  When you do this, it will ask for the group # which is 839.  The Password is refaforu.

If you have any other questions, RJ and I will be glad to answer them.

I do and I'm in!!!

You guys did great for the first episode!!! Better than the expert "Chuck" did on the questions part!!!


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