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The Duel 1/4/2007 ~ Doulbe epidoses!
« on: January 05, 2007, 10:30:03 AM »
WOO HOO happy new year to us we get not 1 but 2 episodes!!

First episode is a Male Duel day....  the diving under water to get lock combos and open it, seemed really hard.  I felt so bad for Brad, he got it opened just seconds too late.  That sucked.  I was happy that Wes won, maimly because he is the under dog. 

Evan going to the Duel, what a baby.  He realized after he picked CT that he was being used?  Well think for yourself and pick Brad if you do not want to go aginst CT.  Funny i watched the after show with him ~ and Blare told him you are the only one to lose to CT in  a puzzle.  You lost to him in a PUZZLE, a Mental test.  Hee and Even tried to cheat by havign written on his arm the way they were suppose to go.  ** honestly I think Diem helped CT, she was right in front of him and no one else was around, I though I heard her say no the big one before they switched to Evan.

Female Duel day.... okay I think aneesa was trying to be nice and she DID think Diem was going to win.  BUT Diem is such a baby in these challenges.  She was mad and upset when Tina put her in during fresh meat and then ranted and raved about Aneessa.  She would not even talk to Aneessa.  I understand you are upset, but it is a game.  Did you really think you would never go into the duel?  And she was mad at Evan when he picked CT to going to the duel with him because EVAN knew she liked CT and was happy.

Afteshow with Diem ~ I get the impression she is in love with CT, but not sure the other way around.  Said they have no titles and they live on opposite sides of the states.  Went on and all about how amazing he was and all.  She was happy about the Tina beth fight because it took attention off of her.
Diem's comments about people
Derrick ~ they only kissed once they were out of Austriala they were just friends.  but the way she said it was almost like come on me and Derrick.  She does not know what she is missing, I think there is a side to derrick people do not always see.
Robin ~ always paranoid
Beth ~ nice on plane but once in the game she did not like her.  beth tried to control the game but she is not a competitior
Aneesa ~ you coudl tell she was choosing her words.  Siad first day she got in Diem's face and said i do not see it, said Aneesa was jealous of her with CT.  Then later Aneessa said she loved Diem ~ Diem siad WHATEVER
Wes ~ you know what you get and he is a competitor and she likes competitors.
Evan ~ competitor but does not really like ** this is funny as Evan said CT would have to deal with him if her broke Diem's heart**
CT ~ was cared of him in the airport he is salty/sweet.  Then she made some comment about chocolate covered pretzels and taste and Blare was like THANKS I did not need to know how he tasted.

Evan's after show
Evan has a high opinion of himself.  From fresh meat talks to Coral, Kenny and eric.  says the girls from Fresh meat were boring and they would not ahve any thing to talk about.  Did not care for Tina
Evan/Robin/Jodi love triange..... Evan said he was playing the game and needed votes.  Said Robin overstepped herself when SHE kissed him.  She went too far.  Says both Robin and Jodi are looking for love in all the wrong places.  Jodi said she was are christian camp and wanted to be a role model for girls and then later she has jack in one hand and cig in another.
He trashed everyone when he talked about them. 
Tyler ~ in speedo and high kicks, needs to get over himself and stop the highkicks *pic they shoed he has short pasted his knees, guess speedos have changed**
Wes ~ competitor
casey ~ little casey hopes one days she will live outside her own world, called her a retard
Diem ~ too sweet for her own good.  mad ecomment that Ct will break her heart and that CT will have to deal with Evan

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Re: The Duel 1/4/2007 ~ Doulbe epidoses!
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2007, 09:24:07 AM »
I thought it was hilarious that Evan felt that he had to write down answers on his arm. He looked like such a retard. Hahahahahahahaha.  :lol:

Yes, you are right Diem is so whiney. I think that when she finds people that she likes to be around, she doesn't expect anything to happen to them and for the game to just end like that. Well she doesn't realize that sometime during this challenge that almost EVERYONE goes home, so that means her or her love interest for that challenge will have to go into the Duel. It is kind of annoying in a way...
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Re: The Duel 1/4/2007 ~ Doulbe epidoses!
« Reply #2 on: February 16, 2007, 06:34:16 AM »
the Finale finally aired last night on MTV Canada!!


Too Bad Fitz didn't win...but Jodi was pretty deserving from the last challenge...

Hey do you think Brad and Fitz got the car jinx from survivor?? Notice how both 2nd place people got BMW Motorcycles????
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