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Jeffrey Scott:
Was sitting bored at work and decided to suggest a new game.
I'll think of an object and everyone else gets to ask me one yes or no answer.
Before asking your question, you are allowed to guess the object.
I will tell you if you guessed correct or not, then answer your question.
The person who guesses correctly gets to think of a new object.

EX: Let's say I'm thinking of a watch.
The first poster asks if it's an animal.

I reply. No.
The next person guesses a window. Then asks if it's used for recreation.

I would reply, guess is wrong. Your answer is no.

The next person guesses chair and asks if it's smaller than a microwave.

I would reply, guess is wrong. Your answer is yes.

Next person guesses watch and asks if it can be eaten.

I would reply they guessed correct, so they now must think of an item.
Not every answer needs to be strickly yes or no, but it is encuraged. You may answer with 'sometimes, or it depends'

Okay, let's give it a try. I'm thinking of an object. Who wants to ask the first question?

Is it an automobile?

Is is larger than an automobile?

Jeffrey Scott:
The guess is wrong, and your answer is no.

Reality Junkee:
Is it a computer?

Something you might use a monitor?

Jeffrey Scott:
Your guess is wrong. Your answer is no. (Did you mean something you attach a monitor to?)
If you meant, does it have a monitor then the answer would be sometimes.


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