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What a show! Who do you think the Mole is? I have a few problems with Stephen and Erik!
Stephen was "sleeping" when they were all talking about the most embarrasing moments! HUH? Well, that is just a little bit too much! Anyway, the other thing that really bothered me was that partner up with the sheep thing. He didn't even try. However, I am thinking that he is playing a Dorthy! Pretending to be the Mole. I think that Kim thought that Stephen was the Mole and that is now why she is gone!
Erik is just too quiet! WAY too quiet. He never talks, he never shows any emotion, EVER! I don't know about him. I just hope that Kathy can figure it out!

After last nights episode, The producers want you to lean towards Michael Boatman as being the Mole.  But that is way too obvious.  It can't be him.  They are handing him to us too early.  I was extremely shocked that Stephen Baldwin is gone.  Oh, I don't like Corbin Bernson.  My husband thinks the Mole is Kathy Griffin.

Well, I have to say that I am VERY happy that Stephen is GONE. I didn't like him at all. I really really do not think that Kathy is the mole. Way to oblivious to things. And I don't think that Michael is the mole either. I am almost sure that Erik is the Mole. I would have loved to seen the converstaion between Kathy and Erik after the grave yard game! I wanted to hear his reasoning behind the whole "lets go for the $25,000", when he knew that their were bones in that grave?! Just makes me wonder.
I am looking forward to when Corbin goes, but he is a very smart person, and I don't think that he will go anytime soon.

I think Erik is the mole also.  I can't believe he did that in the cemetary.  Who gets the money anyway?  I mean are they playing for a charity like so many celebrity shows do or are they playing to win the money?  I didn't think I was going to like the celebity mole, but I think it is pretty good.  Maybe I am just hooked on reality tv and don't care how I get it, LOL.  Who says Give me my MTV any more?  I say Give me my reality tv...  


The celebs get the money to do what they want to! Which I don't like, but anyway. That is my complaint


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