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Ok, after last weeks problem with Skypecasts, we have to go back to the High Speed Conferencing to do the live shows, until Skypecasts get their problem fixed. I know it isnít the best sounding solution, but its all we got right now! I know we have other options like Blog Talk, but right now we will stick with what we know best.

So, next Wednesday night at 9pm EST, you will want to click the link on the right hand side of the page (Live Show Indicator) to participate in the show. Its a FREE call from Skype, and you will need Skype installed to listen!

I will be posting more annoucements on MySpace, and on the forums as well!

Happy New Years everyone!

i down loaded on accedent lol from myspace the other day. i don't no how to use it though.. any help would b awsome...HELP!!! :groan:
my son went to japan last week and in my attempt to comnacate with him i tryed to im him on myspace. and poof it down loaded skype.. so if poof i could fuigure out how to use it . that would b awsome..

My friend's daughter was in Japan for 2 years and this worked like a dream for them.

Try this to get started! :waves:



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