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Which Juror's Question Was Your Fav?


I liked Candice's sneaky "yes or no won't vote for You-l  if you answer more than Yes or No!  :cmaslol   It put Yul on the spot, but it was very good discipline for him!

I don't remember who said it, but I remember the question being, "Ozzy, talk some trash about those two.  Don't mention yourself."  That was a GREAT question. :knuckles:

I think alot of the questions we boring, maybe because they did not know them or what.  ANd in the past they could ask each person a different question this time it seemed like 1 question to 1 person, not more then one person.  I think that made the final TC boring to me.

Jeffrey Scott:
Becky should have gotten up and gone to sit with the jury.


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