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Only the car was awarded AFTER the final vote.  Doesn't seem much like the same curse to me, but still, it wasn't Yul who won it.

For once my favorite player from day 1 actually WON Survivor!  This was one of the best Survivors I've seen, though I admit I began watching when a friend introduced me to the show during the middle of the Thailand season.

Congrats to both Yul and Ozzie!  It was fitting that Ozzie won the car, don't you think? 

I am not surprised that Becky received NO votes, with two strong competitors in Yul and Ozzy!!! The Survivor execs may want to scrap the idea of F3 voting in the future!!!  :cmas11

Jeffrey Scott:
If this was any indication, I agree. But I guess we'll see for next season. Did they happen to mention when it would begin? I didn't hear. We always have a Survivor party, and it was pretty loud right after it ended.

What did Jeff say during the promo, One survivor makes an important game decision?" I could barely hear what he was saying so didn't quite get this.

Something about a controversial descion that will have everyone talking. 

Rob posted the preview here, Jeff!  :cmas20,11253.0.html


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