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Let's get this season's topic rolling, eh?  Figured I'd start with a list of all the celebrities that are rumored to be in the house.

David Hasselhoff
Adam Ant
Kevin Frederline
Steven Hawking
O.J. Simpson
Whitney Houston
Leilani Dowding
Sarah Harding
John Leslie
Tara Reid
Grace Jones
Dunan James
Dustin Hoffman
Derek Acorah
Su Pollard
Tommy Sheridan
Jeffery Archer
Boris Johnson
David Scwhimmer
Rachel Stevens
Justin Hawkins
Dirk Benedict
Gary Coleman *new*
Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen  *new*
Shilpa Shetty  *new*
John Sentamu *new*
"H" aka Ian Watkins *new*
Paul Michael Glaser  *new*
Jermaine Jackson *new*
Robert Kilroy Silk *new*
Jo Guest *new*
Carol Lee Scott  *new*

Jeffrey Scott:
We will have to start adding to that list who is more likely to attend, and who may not be there. I'll have to work on that tomorrow.

A few off the top of my head are:

Grace Jones
Leilani Dowding
Adam Ant
Sarah Harding.

Jeffrey Scott:

Jeffrey Scott:
Wow, Davina looks fabulous!


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