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Picks from across the boards EP14 * Finale** and now updated*


prometheus : Obviously, Parvati is next, then Adam (I read a post in another thread with a quote from jonathan that Adam lasts another week--that would be two tribal councils--surprised he gets away with revealing that). At F4, Ozzy wins immunity and Yul has the idol, so who goes? The Aitu 4 agree that the fairest thing to do is to split their votes and force a fire challenge to determine who gets booted. Yul and Becky vote Sundra; Ozzy and Sundra vote Becky. Becky wins the fire challenge, but they encourage, and help, each other along the way. Can anyone say (or sing) kumbaya?

Final 5 IC winner :Tip to TDT:, We're not sure why Yul or Becky don't win this one, but we've heard Ozzy does

Final 4 IC winner: TDT: ( hint: Ozzy) will win it again

Final 5 boot: TDT: Adam

Final 4 boot: TDT: Sundra

Jury vote spec/TDT


Episode 14
F5 IC win: Ozzy
F5 Boot: Adam
F4 IC win: Ozzy
F4 Boot: Sundra
Overall winner: Ozzy, 5-4 ?

* Sucks Polls  
Ozzy 33
Yul 23
Becky 7
Sundra 1

* survivorfever
Survivor Fever
Official Episode Picks

Episode 14: Winner:  Ozzy
2nd: Yul
3rd:  Becky
4th: Sundra
5th: Adam
IC Wins: Ozzy

* Blows polls
Vote Tally #1"
This is post #29 compiling 27 votes and 1 clarification and no other posts.
Finishing Orders: (5th/4th/3rd/2nd/1st)
Adam/Sundra/Becky/Yul/Ozzy wins: 12
Adam/Sundra/Becky/Ozzy/Yul wins: 8
Adam/Sundra/Yul/Becky/Ozzy wins: 2
Adam/Sundra/Becky/Yul and Ozzy win in a tie: 2
Adam/Ozzy/Becky, Sundra and Yul win in a 3way tie: 1
Ozzy/Adam/Sundra/Becky/Yul wins: 1
Adam/Sundra and Becky (dual boot)/Ozzy/Yul wins: 1


( Finally! )
Our picks for the 12/17 Final show are:

F5 IC Winner: Ozzy
F5 Boot: Adam
F4 IC Winner: Ozzy
F4 Boot: Sundra
3rd Place: Becky
2nd Place: Yul
1st Place: Ozzy


* Corvis/Survivor Thoughts from Iowa (mostly)

Sunday, December 17, 2006
Finale Predictions

So here's how I think it's going to play out.

Adam gets booted next.
When there's four left, they find out it's going to be a final three for some stupid reason.
Ozzy wins the last immunity challenge spoiling Yul and Becky's plans to eliminate him. Instead Becky is voted out.

Final three of Yul, Ozzy, and Sundra.
Sundra maybe gets a vote or two, but it's pretty much between Yul and Ozzy.
In the end, the jury chooses Ozzy by a small margin because they blame Yul for voting them out.
And frankly Yul comes across as too analytical and not friendly enough.
Ozzy really just has to stand up there and say I dominated and I deserve it. And he's right.

Ozzy squeaks out a million dollar win.

* RTVW /Blows "State of the Spoiling (S.O.T.S)- "

5th place: Adam
4th place: Sundra
Winner: Ozzy



Interesting ..  :cmas23

(12/16/06 2:25 pm)
 I'm not spoiling the winner. I'm basing my picks on slightly informed speculation.

In my mind, Yul is the logical choice to win. The negative edits Yul has been getting recently could simply be a way to create suspense, but it may also be a way to explain a Yul loss. Ozzy's detached edit could be attributed simply to his dominance in challenges and low-key lonerism, but also could be due to the fact that he didn't disclose his video performance to cbs, which created a dilemma for the producers and a potential public relations disaster as the sole survivor.

Raro rears its ugly head:

Brad - Yul
Rebecca - Ozzy
Jenny - Ozzy
Nate - Ozzy
Candice - Yul
Jonathan - Yul
Parvati - Ozzy
Adam - Ozzy
Sundra - Yul

survivorphoenix :)

The Case for Ozzy

I'll be here all day to update !! So keep checking back!

Ozzy for the win  :yess:

Well I don't know what ACME is waiting for, I'm sick of checking, lol
ETA: oops there it is! ACME is up!

Mess Gut ( based on their poll )

F5 IC: Ozzy
5th Place: Adam
F4 IC: Ozzy
4th Place: Sundra
3rd Place: Becky
2nd Place: Ozzy
Winner: Yul


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