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OMG Naked pictures of Yul & Parvati!!

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Did I get your attention?  :angel:

If you were on the show, who would you vote off?
:cmas26 Down to the final 6, just curious to see what you all think ..........please vote  :cmas26

Great idea for a poll, puddin!

I voted Adam.  He's getting on my nerves.

Thanks Cinera  :cmas26 ! I voted Parvati because I'm tired of her face  :cmas19

Two votes? maybe I posted this in the wrong place?  :rotf:


Even though I've already posted in this place and given my vote, I clicked to this post really fast because I wanted to see the pictures (for the record: Parvati's pictures, not Yul's).  Thanks for Disappointing me, Puddin.   :cmaslol  ;)


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