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Well this season was not as exciting as the previous seasons....anyone else feel a little jipped with the finale....i mean no final task??? just find an area!!! So the recovering drug addict models were the winners...good for them...they going to share the money?? are they a couple?? i couldn't figure it out the whole season...but at least a group of people that one were those who didn't fight and got along and worked their butts off the entire season.   :cmas16

Tyler is married CJ  :grins:


In a completely unprecedented finish, two hot, athletic guys win the tenth installment of The Amazing Race. What's that you say? This has happened before? The first, second, fourth, and ninth seasons? Wow. I guess putting all my money on 'Bama was a bad idea, then, huh?

 :cmas15 UGH!!! I missed the whole second half of the last episode! My DVR didn't compensate for the game earlier in the day!

Well I'm glad the guys won even if I missed it.  :cmas9  Almost all of my favorites were out pretty early in the race, and these were my final two favorites left. I just wish I could have seen it happen.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wait for All-Stars.

lol my bets were on Tyler & James the whole time.
btw I'm a big fan of meeveetv ;), if only I could get my widget to work on this site, lol.


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