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Finale:This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3

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* As the number of remaining tribemates dwindles down, one alliance is forced to think about turning on each other. Will this strong alliance finally crumble?
* At the immunity challenge, the survivors must complete an obstacle course that ends with the most difficult puzzle in survivor history. Who will capture this all important victory for a spot in the final four?
* Endurance is key factor in the final challenge for immunity. Who will be the last one standing to secure a chance at $1,000,000?
* The final survivors battle it out to convince the jury that they are most deserving of the $$$ prize. Who will walk away with the money and the title of sole survivor?

IC puzzle clip !!

or here

I can't wait! 47 minutes to go!  :cmas9 :cmas9 :cmas9

 :cmas0 TexasLady! I didn't care all season who won one way or another now all I can think about is the final votes  :jumpy:

Ozzy wins the first immunity challenge the Compass Rose ! :cmas26

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