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Finale:This Tribe Will Self-Destruct in 5, 4, 3

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If wiki has the final jury votes listed I couldn't find it.  Fantasy Survivor updated without  them.


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 :groan:  I didn't slide the screen over.   Thanks puddin'!!!

Puddin, thanks for posting who voted for who in the final.  I guessed right as we were all discussing it at work.  We all knew Sundra voted for Ozzy as she kept winking at him but also they seemed to have a close bond as they hugged alot.  I knew Jenny didn't vote for Yul.  She doesn't seem to be a very pleasant person and her comment about not flipping for Yul if she was approached by him.  So does that mean she did not get along with Yul when they were in the original tribe.  I have to thank Adam for keeping his word and giving Yul the vote.  Good things will come to Adam for that.  I am sad that this edition is over now. :cmas4


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