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All this week Kathy Griffin has been co-hosting with Jimmy Kimmel (sp?) on his new show. Anyway, last night and the night before he has introduced Kathy this way: "Here she is off the Celebrity Mole, The Mole herself, Kathy Griffin."
She gets very defensive about that title and says that he was NOT supposed to say that. She says that no one is supposed to know. And she doesn't really say it as a joke. She acts dead serious about it and never cracks a smile, EVER. I just thought that was interesting.

Also, she said that every player gets $25,000 and the Mole gets $50,000 and the winner of course, gets the pot of money.

Oh, she's the Mole.  She did alot of moleish activities last night.

I missed the MOLE lst night, Hubby was watching something else.  We did watch the last 5 minutes.  Hubby was mad that no one was kicked off.

I think Kathy is a good choice too.

ALso, Never watched the mole, how do they determine the winner?  The one who guesses the mole right or most right answers?

The one with the most wrong answers will be booted next., from the quiz they took last night. Then the ones left one is the mole and one is the winner.  The Mole will announce herself, LOL I am sure it is Kathy or Fredrique.


Thanks nice lady!!


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