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EP12 *EEK I forgot the Poll * Who's toast?

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 :cmas20 I didn't realize untill today that there was no poll!

My vote, Babies are eliminated.
1st place Tyler/James
2nd place Barbies
3rd place Rob/Kim
4th Bama's
with the Barbies 30 minute penalty ba bye  :cmas7

I had figured you didn't put one up because it was sucj a forgone copnclusion.

ANd I love your order.  Its what I want.  For two reasons.  One i ove Tyler & James and want another win for hte guys.

But mainly to see Dustin & Kandice barely loss out in a foot race (hehe, hehe) and have to do the wait off tot eh side and ee their reactions to the other two teams when they arrive.

Its much more dramatic.  Then if like I fear Rob & Kim or Bama as 1 & 2, Dustin & Kandice as 3rd or 4th.  If htey are thid and TYler & James are still behind, they were very close finishing the huge ladies from the pictures and videos.  So I think tehy would know that they have lsot and no huge panic attack waiting.  If they are 4th then of course absolutely no panic attack, beisds just finding out they are last.

So I really want them 2cd with Tyler & James first.  It prolongs their agony longer then any other real situation would.

Am I mean?

I doubt there will be a fast foreward to save the BQs.

 :boot: Bye Barbie Queens!

Nope Phil said that the one in Madagascar was the final of two Fast Forwards in the race.

So we know there is no fast forward.

Nor has their been (the next to last leg) since Fast Forwards were switched to just two a year.

Because that would truely piss me off.

Chateau d If:
The only thing that could save them now is if T&J trip on the way to the Pit Stop, pass out,  and arrive 30 min after the BQs.

Then, T&J get used as decoys on the 3rd level of the Eiffel Tower while the BQs get through without being caught by the spoiler's camera.

And the BQs manage to get a different flight than the others thereby missing the other spoiler reporter who was on the flight.


not much to hope for


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