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Racing Report Legs #10 (9b)
« on: November 28, 2006, 07:58:40 PM »
Racing Report Leg #10

This is really the 2cd part of a double or to be continued leg.  That airs over two weeks.

If it helps think of it as episode 10.

Teams finish their “Angel Dive” off the top of the 236 ft. Olympic Stadium Tower, where they get their next clue directing them to keep racing.  They are giving at least 2 more Twenties (probably more).  And told that they must travel to the capital of the country where the world’s worst nuclear accident happened at Chernobyl.

They must discover that it happened in the Former Soviet state of Ukraine and that the capital city is Kiev.

Teams get to taxi in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Lyn & Karlyn
4.  Rob & Kimberly
5.  Erwin & Godwin

After flying 1900 miles to the airport they will need to find the marked Russian made automobiles with their next clue.

Teams get to the airport in the following Order:
1. Tyler & James
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Erwin & Godwin
5.  Lyn & Karlyn

We don’t have an official time stamps for this episode.  But what we do see in video footage of actual clocks is that Tyler & James starting up the Olympic stadium tower at 8:30   pm, and that they are at the airport by 9:17 pm.

Tyler & James and Dustin & Kandice book tickets for a flight leaving Helsinki at 8:25 am the next morning and connecting through Vienna that arrives at 1:35pm..

Rob & Kimberly, Lyn & Karlyn and Erwin & Godwin get a flight that leaves Helsinki at 9:25 am the next morning connecting through Warsaw and arriving at 1:35 pm.

The flight through Warsaw is delayed by 30 minutes, and arrives at  2:05 pm.

Teams get to Kiev, Ukraine in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Dustin & Kandice
These two teams jointly pay a taxi to direct them.
3.  Rob & Kimberly (pay a taxi to direct them).
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin
These two teams “drive together”* to Tank School and also Erwin & Godwin get a cab to lead part of the way.  We don’t know if Lyn & Karlyn share the expense.

Teams must drive themselves to “m.Octrep”  Teams must get the clue translated and it instructs them to drive 58 miles to the Oster Tank School a Ukraine military training facility.

Teams arrive at the tank school in the following Order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Rob & Kimberly

Roadblock - Take command.

One team member  must take command and drive a Soviet era T-64 Tank and navigate through a 1.2 mile obstacle course.

Teams finish the Roadblock in the following Order:
1.  Dustin* & Kandice
2.  Tyler & James*
3.  Rob* & Kimberly
4.  Erwin & Godwin*
5.  Lyn* & Karlyn

Teams must then drive themselves 43 miles into the city of Kiev, and find a specific apartment building address 3 apartment #33 knock on the door and get their next clue.

Teams arrive at Apartments in the following Order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Rob & Kimberly (whose car broke down and waited for a replacement vehicle.)
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin

Detour  -  Make the Music or Find the Music.

In Make the Music teams must travel 3 miles to the Dance & Groove Studio Bar where they must write and perform a rap that incorporates the countries they have visited.

In Find the Music teams must travel 2.5 miles to the National Music Academy of Ukraine and search through thousands a pieces of sheet music for Tchaikovsky's Concert Fantasy for piano and orchestra.  Once they have found it they must search through the conservatory’s 120 praxes rooms to find one of six pianist who are waiting for sheet music .  The pianist will then perform the piece before handing them their next clue.

Make the Music
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Rob & Kimberly
3.  Lyn & Karlyn

Find the Music
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Erwin & Godwin

Teams arrive at the Detour in the following Order:
1.  Dustin & Kandice
2.  Tyler & James
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin

Teams complete the detour in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James
2.  Dustin & Kandice
3.  Rob & Kimberly
4.  Lyn & Karlyn
5.  Erwin & Godwin

Teams must make their way 2 miles to the Pit Stop at the Great PAtriotic War Museum.

Teams Arrive at the Pit Stop in the following Order:
1.  Tyler & James  7:33 pm  The win a trip to Mexico
2.  Dustin & Kandice  7:41 pm
3.  Rob & Kimberly  8:19 pm
4.  Lyn & Karlyn  9)8 pm
5.  Erwin & Godwin  they are eliminated.

Team Reports, and Score Card will be up hopefully later tonight.  Off to do this for leg 11 (or Should I say Episode ii).

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Re: Racing Report Legs #10 (9b)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2006, 01:07:22 AM »
Team Reports

My God can anyone drive a frigging car....... (:;)

Tyler & James_  After all teams are equilized at the airport, making hte last 30 hours absolutely meaningless for all teams.  Tyler & James catch a small break in being one of two teams able to book a flight connecting through Vienna.  And while both planes are scheduled to arrive at the same time, the other flight is delayed giving them a 30 minute lead over Rob & Kimberly, Lyn & Karlyn and Erwin & Godwin.  Really not a whole lot to this leg in reality.  Most of it was just getting from point A to point B.  TH etasks weren't physical, or mentally taxing.  And while it was probably logical for teams to use local sources for navigation and for figuring out the clue.   It is disappointig to see teams rely so heavily upon it.  They do wisely over to share cab cost with Dustin & Kandice.  ANd they do get points for attempting to drive from the Tank range into Kiev, but when lost are forced to again work with Dustin & Kandice when both teams asked to follow a local driver to apartment building #3, apartment #33.  They are also very aware that they cannot trust Dustin & Kandice even when they agree to work together in segments and make sure to not lose sight of them and by extension the local that agreed to guide both teams.  Once at the apartment they do manage to successfuly drive to the detour and to the Pit Stop with only getting directions (thats better then any other team in this leg).  And they still are enjoying themselves having a ball at the roadblock and at the Detour.  They also continued to help their alliance by sharing info, but not doing anything that hurts themselves.  The best type of alliance and its really looking like its the best and most functionally alliance this show has ever had.  And its a damn shame that it has been overshadowed by the backpack, sixpack, backpack allaince that really never was able to function.

And I have to mention what is probably the cutest thing I have ever scene waiting for Phil to give them the dirt, when Tyler is pinching James for luck.  Awesome.  And again, just give the slash writers all the ammunition you can guys.

Dustin & Kandice-Did almost as well as Tyler & James.  And again they were damn quick about getting a cab, the also wisely agreed to Tyler & James purposal to share the cost.  After all they could just follow, so you might as well share the cost.  They had a blast at both detour and roadblock and performed them well.  They again played dirty by trying to ditch the guys when they are working together with the same guide at a red light.  They also unlike Tyler & James spent money getting a cab to guide them to the Pit Stop.  Again, please just try and drive more with a map (which they had) and directions.

Rob & Kim run a great leg, though it really doesn't look like it.  The through no fault of hteir own were on a plane that arrived 30 minutes later then teams #1 and #2.  And I can't believe they hired a cab and used that cab throughout the leg in Kiev up until heading to the Detour, including having to pay for it to wait while getting a replacement car.  Yikes, that vcan't be cheap.  With having to wait this team lost more time of the top two teams.  Once at hte apartments they picked up two Ferns to guide them to both the detour and the roadblock.  In otherwise they didn't have to navigate at all except for driving from the Olympic Stadium to the airport in Helsinki.  Thats it.  BUt it must have paid off.  Between wisely writing parts of the rap in the car the did the same event as Dustin & Kandice they only finished 38 minutes after tehy did.  When you consider a half hour plane delay and having to wait for a spare car, thats fantastic.  They probably ran the leg minus delays faster then any team and that was probably from not navigating at all, which is unforunate and sets a very bad example.

Lyn & Karlyn  B:) :meow:  Got lost going to the airport allowing two teams to pass them, making sure they were stuck on the flight that got delayed.  They didn't pick up a map at the airport, but the Cho's did have one so they followed wth permission their "alliance when it suits them".  And throughout the leg as the Cho's continued to get lost trying to navigate or afer their taxi guide left, Karlyn bitched.  Then bitched some more, and then even more.  They stopped at least at two gas stations and she bitched about stopping.  Get up off your ass go inside and buy an F ing map so you can navigate your own bitching butt to the locations you need to travel to.  (:;)  They did make some contributions they pointed out the flag to the Roadblock.  Theough I am curious if when the CHo's did manage to get a short taxi escort, if they offered to pay for half of it.  Lyn performed the roadblock and was probably the slowest.  But she did have fun.  After following the Cho's back into Kiev and still complaining (well Karlyn was Lyn keep telling her to start navigating so that they don't follow,  Its only the third episode she and Karlyn have had a similiar talk).  They make a break away from the Cho's and tehn Karlyn talks about how the Cho's are follwoign them and need to run their own race (in defense of them, and I really don't want to) it is possible that the editors have taken two quotes and put them together here.  One saying that the Cho's are following them (which doesn't apply good or bad) and then put in The Cho's need to run their own race.  Which they could have said any time in the last 3 legs.  So I am giving them a pass on that.  But not on bitching for 8/10 ths of the leg about how slow the Cho's are when they never had to follow them.  They also have a blast in the detour and while their rap is porbably the worst, they work the crowd the best.  They pick up a fern to guide them to the Detour.  And just get directions to the Pit Stop.  A bad leg, because for most of it they passively followed even when they realized that things were taking far to long.  And if they hadn't managed to seperate they easily could have been eliminated.

Erwin & Godwin.  Sweet Jesu these boys are dense.  There is no one justifiable reason for still working with a team that absolutely has cut in front of you in the previously leg making your wait even longer for a cab.  I mea I really can't understand this holier than thou attitude.  You haven't been angels.  You have lied to teams, you have misdirected teams (rob & Kimberly and Tyler & James haven't done that).  You can run an honest friendly race and still race.  And while they get small bonus points for having a map and trying to navigate.  It should have been obvious to them fairly quickly that they weren't going to be able to do it.  They did get breifly a cab to guide them, but we don't see them get another.  I wonder if this is pride, availability or a lack of funds.  Godwin had a blast in teh tank.  At the apartments, Godwin didn't feel right about following Bama to the detour and they got lost trying to do it own their own (Lyn & Karlyn had a fern guiding them) but htey did find the other detour and they did okay at it, though you can easily tell the guys know they are in serious trouble.  They hire a cab to drive them to the Pit Stop and get stopped for driving down a closed street.  They are told that 300.00 will clear it up (they of course don't so it takes a bit more time.  And by that time they are way behind and are eliminated.  And frankly its past time.  If you aren't going to try and be competitive then please go and get sequestered and enjoy the good life.

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Re: Racing Report Legs #10 (9b)
« Reply #2 on: November 29, 2006, 01:34:21 AM »
Score Card

This is a ranking of the average placement at the end of each leg.  It also counts each double leg as two seperate legs, with the cut off point being when teams are given instructions to keep racing.  This allows an even 13 legs amoung all seasons.

Sometime this week, I will be doing one strickly by official Pit Stop placing, which can only be fairly done evenly between seasons 6-10.  Or comparing those  seasons to jus the first 12 legs of the other seasons.

1.   Eric & Jeremy  (9)  1.60
2.   Colin & Christy  (5)  2.30
3.   Kris & Jon  (6)  2.50
4.   Rob & Amber  (7)  2.50
5.   Frank & Margarita  (1)  2.60
6.   TYLER & JAMES  (10)  2.60
7.   Joe & Bill The Guido’s  (1)  2.70
8.   Ken & Gerard  (3)  2.70
9.   Rob & Brennan  (1)  2.80
10.  Tara & Wil  (2)  2.80
11.  BJ & Tyler  (9)  2.90
12.  Flo & Zach  (3)  3.00
13.  Derek & Drew  (3)  3.00
14.  Hayden & Aaron  (6)  3.00
15.  DUSTIN & KANDICE  (10)  3.00
16.  Kevin & Drew  (1)  3.30
17.  Reichen & Chip  (4)  3.30
18.  Ron & Kelly  (7)  3.30
19.  Uchenna & Joyce  (7)  3.40
20.  ROB & KIMBERLY  (10)  3.40
21.  Brandon & Nicole  (5)  3.60
22.  Chris & Alex  (2)  3.70
23.  Jon & Al  (4)  3.70
24.  Monica & Joseph  (9)  3.80
25.  Freddy & Kendra  (6)  3.90
26.  Oswald & Danny  (2)  4.00
27.  Chip & Kim  (5)  4.00
28.  Blake & Paige  (2)  4.20
29.  Kelly & Jon  (4)  4.30
30.  Linda & Karen  (5)  4.40
31.  Lori & Bolo  (6)  4.60  Eliminated
32.  Ray & Yolanda  (9)  4.60
33.  David & Jeff  (4)  4.70
34.  ERWIN & GODWIN  (10)  4.70  Eliminated
35.  John Vito & Jil  (3)  4.80  Eliminated
36.  Adam & Rebecca  (6)  5.10
37.  Gretchen & Meredith  (7)  5.30
38.  Teri & Ian  (3)  5.50
39.  LYN & KARLYN  (10)  5.70
40.  Kami & Karli  (5)  5.80  Eliminated

This is the first time that two all fmale teams have raced and not been eliminated at this stage of the Amazing Race. 

With Erwin & Godwin eliminated it means for the first time two female teams are in the final four in teh same season.

It also means that for the first time an all female team will make the final three.

Number of types two all male teams have been in the final four in teh same season 5 times.  Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 9.

Number of times three all male teams have made the final four in the same season ?  Twice, in seasons 1 and 4. 

Average of teams that won is:  3.38
Average of teams that came in 2cd is:  3.01
Average of teams that came in 3rd is:  3.86