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Paris / NewYork , NY ( 6/23 -6/24 )

The CBS press release states :
The final three teams on THE AMAZING RACE 10 sprint towards the finish line after traveling more than 40,000 miles in under 30 days, spanning four continents and 13 countries.

Thanks to Coretti@Twop's posts ~  (6/24)
( posted on Jun 24, 2006 @ 3:37 pm )

So, uh, I think I *may* have come across racers today. I do not have actual 100% confirmation that it was TAR, but this is what I saw:
~1:15 PM, 6/24/06
49th between 6th and Rock. Center, right outside one of the NBC entrances (not that they were going in).
All female African-American team (as mentioned in that thread that was linked to on the last page)
Getting out of a cab that was from Newark (which made it stand out more from the traditional NYC cabs).
Two crew with them - one boom mic operator, one cameraman.
The girls got out of the cab and asked a local for directions - the mic operator then had to get the person to sign a release and the team looked very impatient while they were waiting.
The biggest tip-off for me was that one of the crew had a yellow "K" tag, and having just re-watched Season 7, it looked exactly like the tags that everyone has on their bags
I was on a flight from Paris to New York on June 24 with 3 TAR teams - 2 young guys, 2 african american women and a man & woman. 
At ticketing, my friend  asked the two african american women what tv show it was for. 
One of them answered, "You don't need to worry about it, just move out of the way".  We wound up sitting in the bulkhead between business class and coach, near the bathrooms. 
The man from the man/woman team came over to us and asked if we knew where The News Building was in New York City - he even showed us the clue. 
We tried our best to help him out - even gave him some money.  We asked him lots of questions, most of which he couldn't divulge. 

Air France flight 8600 from Charles DeGalle to JKF.  Departed 6/24 @ 825am
While walking thru airport to get to the right terminal I spotted two rugged-looking young guys, a camera man and what looked like a production person. 
When we got to the terminal and checked in, the agent said they had overbooked the flight and would we mind being bumped to a later flight in exchange for $150 voucher, which we agreed to. 
However, the agent said we might still be on that flight and to check back later. 
We went to cash our vouchers at the ticketing office and the two young guys were there with a stack of passports, which I assume is for themselves and the crew that travels with them. 
When we went back to see if we were going to be on the first flight, we saw the two guys in line to check in and that's when we saw the african american women with their own cameraman. 
When we were called up by an agent, my friend walked in front of the camera, asked her question and got rebuffed. 
We found out that we were going to be on the first flight and after checking our baggage, left walking in front of the camera again.
From what I could tell, each team has their own camera man and sound guy.
Plus there's someone that looks like a production person, but I'm not sure if there's one for every team.
It's difficult to tell from the pictures that have been posted if they are the ones I saw - the african american women for sure, the man/woman team in blue is a possibility.
I keep everything....

Via Tarflies one_hardja

I spotted the teams in Paris.. YES, PARIS.. In Eiffel tower. I saw the clue box and camera crews on the top of Eiffel tower.. It was Friday, 23 June 2006, in the morning..
I could post some pictures if you guys want them.. Actually the crews warned me twice not to take photos of the teams..
Here are the pictures that I managed to get in Paris, Eiffel Tower.. It was Friday, 23 June, around 9 to 11 am.. 



--- Quote from: Neobie on July 14, 2006, 11:51:48 PM ---23 June, 9.00am to 11.00am. That doesn't leave the teams much time to travel from Barcelona does it? The Barcelona Pit Stop catering is offered from 11.30am to 4.00pm the previous day, which means that teams will most likely depart from 11.30pm on the 22nd until 4.00am on the 23rd.

Now the earliest flight I can find on Air France (horrible grappling with both French and Spanish) is AF2349 leaving at 7.05am and arriving at 9.00am. Iberia offers IB4422 leaving at 7.25am and arriving at 9.05am, but at Orly Airport.

Orly is 6km from the city centre, Charles de Gaulle 26km. By taxi, travelling time is at least 45 minutes on the A1 expressway, and that is during off-peak hours. Getting to the Eiffel Tower quickly during Friday morning rush hour? I don't think so.

Train services aren't that much more promising. Both airports require a change of train (from Line B to C, and Orly requires an extra light-rail shuttle) to get to the Eiffel tower, and a journey from either airport takes about 50 minutes. No idea how they'd be able to make it, unless they shorten the Pit Stop duration. Now if the just-eliminated team gets on a flight to Paris to join other Sequester II teams though...

Now for the tower itself. I agree with gingerman28 that this looks like an exact repetition: climbing up the Eiffel Tower on foot. The pictures were taken on the second platform, with the first (lowest) platform ( enclosed, and the third platform ( using squarish netting instead of diagonal ones. I also found this ( but I have no idea where it belongs, but the lower level of the second platform ( seems to fit nicely. And guess what? One is only allowed to climb on foot up to the second platform. Guess the TAR producers ran out of ideas! (I really really hope this is a decoy though.)

--- End quote ---


--- Quote from: Chateau d If on July 16, 2006, 04:32:04 PM ---This picture was taken between 9:14 and 9:19 am on June 23rd, 2006.

I've got good accuracy with this one because they are located at the North Leg of the tower (where Gustave's Statue is located).  And the Eiffel Tower is oriented exactly North/South/East/West in terms of its leg positions (as near as I can tell from Google Earth, and knowing the French zeal for perfection I suspect that it is exact).  With that pinpoint of orientation and the the way the shadow crosses the rounded surface almost exactly at the corner (a little before, and being a slanted curve, you have to look at the equatorial position) I peg the solar azimuth at 89 plus or minus half a degree.

This all argees quite nicely with the Exif data of the shots:  This Nikon shot has a time stamp of 15:17:31while the Canon shot Karlyn & Lynn has a timestamp of 16:16:54.  But Both shots were taken within seconds of each other.  So they just have a daylight saving time mismatch in addition to their timezone offset of six hours as noted by Slowhatch.

--- End quote ---

Thanks Slowhatch!
if you all want to root through the spoiler thread and bring posts over that would be great!!

as expected TAR10 has MANY of THOSE!  :lol3: :lol3:


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