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I cannot believe that Corbin is gone! He was my 2nd choice for The Mole. Erik is still my 1st choice. But now that Corbin is gone and Stephen is gone I have to say that "Fred" (that is so wierd to type that for a woman) is my 2nd choice, but Corbin made a good point last night with the Aril$$ (sp?) thing! But if that had any truth, they would not have shown it, I don't think. Anyway, what do you guys think.

Last night was the first time we watched the show.  We missed the first 15 minutes.  We came in where they offered Erik the money or eximption (sp).

My husband thought Corbin was the mole.  Was surprised that he was  gone.  Doe sthat prove Michael is not the mole or does it prove that Corbin answered the questions wrong?

I can not belive Fredriq ate the pepper after throwing such a fit about eating it.  She cost them money!!!

I think it is either kathy or Fredriq.  But I have only watched one show.

Awwww man I shouldnt have read this post.  I taped it last night while I was at work and now I already know who got kicked.  I can't believe it was Corbin, now I am bummed the only two I knew were Corbin and Steven and now they are both off  :-/.  I don't know who any of the others are.  



--- Quote ---but Corbin made a good point last night with the Aril$$ (sp?) thing!
--- End quote ---

What does that mean?  I think I must have missed part of it because I have no idea what that word is.  I saw where he was talking to Erik and had him draw the two dollar signs and knew why he drew them, but I got lost on the whole word thing.

I am still bummed that Corbin is gone.  He did act like a jerk allot, but at least I knew who he was.  Now I have to pick someone else that I want to win.  


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