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Who is going to take home the million?

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I think Yul or Ozzy is going to win it all.

I just pray it isn't Candice. I dispise her with a burning passion.

I'm not supposed to say this, but it isn't any of them.  It'll be me taking home the million.  :woo2:

I'm just kidding.  My vote is for Yul.

Sundra it a hunch ( not a spoiler just who I think will win )

Hi Puddin, how are you?  I was going to do a spoiler free survivor this time and I almost had it until my co-worker told me who the potential F2 were to be and then it got me thinking that I finally broke down and I have been a bad girl and have been lurking the last couple of weeks on this message board.  I am so ashamed. :cmas4 :cmas4 :cmas4 :cmas4.  So know that I am here, why do you think it is Sundra.  Do you know something that we don't?  I pick Yul or Ozzy to take the money but any of the F4  is worthy of the money.  :cmas16

Yul    :cmas9 :cmas16


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